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Perhaps one of the greatest assets to any avid shooter is a great gun shop. A place you can trust to take care of all your firearm needs and be there for you when problems with your equipment arise. Seems simple enough right? But if you’re like us you’ve probably found it’s not that easy. Here in Southern California, there are a lot of gun shops. Add to that, the huge Internet market hocking every form of guns and gear under the sun, and it can be overwhelming - Enter Rifle Supply in Huntington Beach.

precision rifle carbon vortex optics razor hd

We came across Rifle Supply quite literally by accident when some of the crew were taking a lunch break in sunny Huntington Beach. After stopping into the shop and chatting with them, it was apparent this shop was different. Gone was the normal “gun guy” pretense found at most gun shop counters. Instead, the Rifle Supply crew were helpful, down to earth, and professional in their advice. They listen to your problem and offer expert solutions that will steer you straight. No matter the size of your needs, they will take care of it. Whether you need a small replacement part like a gas block for your AR15, or are doing a complete precision rifle build, these guys will handle it.

Their shop is stocked with a great assortment of rifles, handguns, shotguns, and parts. They are a full service shop which means anything from new firearm purchases, gunsmithing, and simple DROS transfers are all within their scope of service. Moreover, they’re a mainstay shop for many local military and LEO agencies.

ar15 ar10 lower receiver cerakote rifle supply

I recently had Rifle Supply handle an SPR build for me. They put together a parts list that made sense for my needs and the goals of this rifle. The turnaround time was quick. But more importantly, the gunsmithing work and Cerakote job was outstanding. That rifle now regularly shoots sub ½” MOA and looks like something out of Recoil Magazine.

spr ar15 rifle supply cerakote vortex optics viper pst

Aside from stocking a great selection of products, Rifle Supply also does Cerakote work in-house. Unlike many shops that farm this service out, having this done on site means a faster turnaround time and the ability to integrate easily into any build.

rifle supply 1911 ar15 cerakote

Another service they offer is custom laser engraving using the latest laser technology. Combined with their other services and products, the shop is truly a one-stop full customization destination.

rifle supply ejection port cover laser engraving

So be sure to swing by if you’re in the SoCal area and check out the shop. They are our go to shop and we hope they will be yours too.

rifle supply springfield armory cerakote

Rifle Supply

16371 Gothard St.

Suite G

Huntington Beach, CA. 92647


Phone: (714) 841-1480

Instagram: @riflesupply

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