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  • Happy Death Day Tank

    SKU: TRJ029

    May 2nd marks the seven year anniversary of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, and now you can commemorate his death day all year round! Celebrate the Naval Special Warfare Command's victory over terror with our Death Day tanks. This unisex tank boasts a relaxed drape, which is ideal for layering or dealing with the summer heat. Extremely smooth and soft with reinforced smooth arm and head openings. 


    The design is an homage to the original ‘John & Paul & Ringo & George’ design produced for a Japanese label by Amsterdam-based graphic design studio, Experimental Jetset. The now famous post-modern design was meant to strip down the idea of a rock band to a list of four names - An attempt to distill and reach the 'essence' of a group. In our version, we've distilled one of the most pivotal moments in the war on terror into the basic components of Bin Laden's face shot (America!). 


    • 100% fine cotton jersey

    • Banded arm and head holes

    • Fabric weight 4.3 oz/yd²
    • Printed on American Apparel 100% Made in USA tanks